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Player Features

The mpeg4ip player supports the following:

File formats:
avi, mp4, limited .mov, .mpg (transport and program streams), .wav, raw aac, raw mp3, raw mp4v, raw .h264

Video codecs:
mpeg-4 (xvid, xvid-1.0, ISO reference), mpeg1/2 (libmpeg3, mpeg2dec), H.261, YUV (i420 raw)
Through ffmpeg: h.263, Sorenson, some MJPEG, H.264

Audio Codecs:
aac (faad, faad2 with seperate download), mp3, celp, ac3 (with seperate download), raw PCM, G.711 alaw and ulaw
Through ffmpeg: AMR NB, AMR WB, G.711 alaw and ulaw

Streaming capability:
RTSP, SDP, RTP (rfc 3551 for raw audio, 2250 for mpeg1/2 audio and video, 3016 for mpeg4 video, 3119 for mp3, 3640 for aac/celp audio, 3267 for AMR octet-aligned only, 3984 for h.264), mpeg2 transport streams (mpeg2 video, mp3 and ac3 audio), both multicast and streaming.

Supports http fetch of sdp files.

Other features:
1/2, double and full screen video, change aspect ratio of video
Audio should be able to convert channels and format to match any hardware, but not frequency.
IsmaCryp 1.0 specification is supported for local playback and streaming playback.

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Mp4live Features

Mp4live is only available on Linux. Mp4live supports the following:

Video Encoders:
mpeg4 (xvid, xvid-0.9.2 or xvid-1.0 series with seperate download, ffmpeg with seperate download), H.261, mpeg2 (with ffmpeg download), h263 (through ffmpeg), h264 (through x264)

Audio Encoders:
AAC (faac, with required download), MP3 (lame, with required download) Mpeg2, layer 2 (with ffmpeg), AMR NB and WB (through ffmpeg), G.711 alaw and ulaw, Mpeg1, layer 2 (with twolame)

Video Filters:
de-interlace (Y only), decimate

Video Input Interface:
V4L, V4L2 (recommended)

Audio Input Interface:

Recording Options: (mp4 file format)
H.263, H.264, Mpeg4 video, Mpeg2 video, Mp3 audio, AAC audio, AMR audio, raw audio (PCM) and video (YUV)

Transmission Options: (RTP, multicast or unicast)
mpeg4 video (RFC 3016), mpeg2 video (rfc 2250), h261 video (rfc 3551), h263 video (rfc 2429), h264 video (RFC 3984), G.711 audio (RFC 3551), aac audio (rfc 3460), mp3 audio (rfc 2250), amr audio (rfc 3267) Back to top

Mp4 File Format Features

Mp4 File format features consist of a mp4 file library and a series of utility functions.

  • mp4creator - this utility will:
    • create mpeg4 files from elementary streams (mp3, aac, mp4v, h263, h264 and .mpg files)
    • hint mpeg1/2/4, h264, h264 video, mp3 audio (rfc 2250 and 3119), AMR and aac audio
    • extract elementary streams from mp4 files (adding headers, if needed)
    • create and/or encrypt files to the ISMA 1.0 specifiation
    • create 3GPP files from H.263 and/or AMR files
  • mp4info - display information about tracks in mp4 file
  • mp4dump - dumps contents from mp4 files
  • mp4trackdump - dumps track information
  • mp4tags - sets iTunes tag information
  • mp4art - extract iTunes cover art
  • mp4videoinfo - dump information about video tracks in mp4 files

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Encoding Tools

Because of other projects (lame, faac, ffmpeg) provide good command line tools, we only support xvidenc, which will encode mpeg4 video.

We do support the following:

  • lboxcrop - vertically crop raw video
  • rgb2yuv - convert RGB to YUV files
  • avi2raw - dump elementary streams from avi files

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Other Tools

Mpeg4ip includes a number of debugging tools. These include:

  • yuvdump - display raw YUV file
  • avidump - display information about avi files
  • mpeg4vol - decodes an mpeg4 vol from command line or mp4 file
  • mpeg2video_parse - displays frame information about mpeg2 video elementary stream
  • h264_parse - displays information about h.264 elementary stream


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What's New

09/28/07 Version 1.6.1
05/11/06 Version 1.5
11/10/05 Version 1.4.1
05/18/05 Version 1.3
12/22/03 Version 1.0
2/05/01 Version 0.5 (first release)

What's Next

??? as of 9/28/07, development is stopped, and we are not taking any more contributions.

What Needs to be Done

1. Other audio/video codecs
2. Better UI for the player - skins/artwork would be nice
3. Mp4live encoder plugins
4. Help with gmp4player settings for plugins