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The latest MPEG4IP package is available for download from:

NOTE: currently, the tarball is corrupt, and I do not have a way to remake it at this point. Hopefully that will change in a few weeks.

MPEG4IP uses the following GNU packages: libtool, autoconf and automake. If your system does not already have these loaded, they are available for download from the GNU website:

We also require SDL.

Presentation of MPEG4IP at SVLUG:

MPEG4IP Guide (user contributed):
MPEG4IP Guide by everwicked

If you are looking for MPEG-4 Encoder we highly recommend this one!

Spread the word! Download the MPEG4IP logo, add it to your website and link to

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What's New

09/28/07 Version 1.6.1
05/11/06 Version 1.5
11/10/05 Version 1.4.1
05/18/05 Version 1.3
12/22/03 Version 1.0
play infectonator
bus-gamesunblocked-games 2/05/01 Version 0.5 (first release)

What's Next

??? as of 9/28/07, development is stopped, and we are not taking any more contributions.

What Needs to be Done

1. Other audio/video codecs
2. Better UI for the player - skins/artwork would be nice
3. Mp4live encoder plugins
4. Help with gmp4player settings for plugins

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